Lesson #10
Kiss Food As You Know It Good-Bye

Eight words every new husband will eventually say:  My wife has us on this crazy diet.”

Only a wife has the power to derail years of blissful eating and send both of you into uncharted taste wastelands.  A wife’s antenna is always up for every nutrition fad, she listens to them all, and you’re the rat in her lab.

Beloved Doritos get replaced with Helen’s Holistic Deli Dried Date Slices.  Sven’s Seven Grain Bread appears in the kitchen, his first inkling that seven grains even exist.  And tofu everything – tofu sausage, tofu pepperoni, tofu cheese, tofu meat sauce.  In short, everything that used to give the Domino’s guy a reason to come to your house is now a third-rate soy substitute, and the memory of the deliveryman’s name and face are starting to slip away.