Lesson #11
Wives Need Lots Of Space – Closet Space

My wife Sarah is the model for closet-coveting women everywhere. Sarah is so resourceful she actually took a beautiful, spacious, huge His-&-Her walk-in closet and converted it . . . to a “HER.”

This closet is bigger than my first apartment, and nothing in there is mine. This is a room big enough to store clothing for ten and still have space left over for a grand piano and chest freezer. But not so much as one sock in it belongs to me.

I’m fascinated that any man can maintain his illusion of superiority when she’s annexed the entire closet, while he’s left with two doorknobs in the guest room. Or his stuff’s in a refrigerator crate by the furnace. He’s changing clothes on a cold, concrete floor, muttering, “But I’m the king of this castle, by golly.” Sure you are, Captain Delusion!