Lesson #14
Estee Lauder Gave Up Rocket Science For A More Complicated Field

Men live in a world with only two makeup options: shave or don’t shave.

But women don’t have it that easy. Most women have to get up in the morning, confront the mirror, and start mixing chemicals!

And there are a lot of them, so women need to know what they’re doing. Because they have eyeliner, lipliner, browliner, lidliner, blush, rouge, foundation, oily creams, non-oily creams, cold cream, wrinkle cream, face cream, hand cream, foot cream, day cream, night cream, creme rinse, mascara, lip shadow, lip gloss, lipstick.

Women actually have, believe it or not, moisturizer and dehydrator. Apparently part of the body is a desert and the other part is a swamp. And it takes a serious land management effort to keep it all in balance.