Once a man says “I do”, school is officially in session. There will be seminars, lectures, punishment, reward and numerous pop quizzes.

The links below are brief summaries from the book and CD of lessons I’ve learned under my wife’s careful supervision:

Seven Things Men Should Learn To Say

I’m Living In Her House

I’m A Man . . . And I’m Sorry!

The Wedding Is HER Day, Pal

The Wedding Rings Gap

Wives Get “The Good Car”

His “15 Minutes” Not Same As Her “15 Minutes”

The Secret Of Wife-Gifting

Women Are Management – Men Are Labor

Kiss Food As You Know It Good-Bye

Wives Need Lots Of Space – Closet Space

The Key To Marriage? The Economy, Stupid!

The Dizzying World Of Female Footwear

Estee Lauder Gave Up Rocket Science For A More Complicated Field

Women And Children First

“MAN” – The Only Dirty Three-Letter Word

Roses Can Fix Almost Anything

A Wife Is The Queen Of Clean

Women Multi-Task So Well They’re Omni-Taskers

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus?